Product Range

Turbo Meter

Turbo MeterThe Turbo Meter provides uncommon accuracy, sensitivity, and pocket-sized convenience. It is based on the principle that a freely turning turbine will rotate at a speed directly proportional to the wind speed. To insure maximum sensitivity and accuracy, the turbine is suspended on sapphire jewel bearings,

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Wind Wizard

Wind WizardFor instantaneous wind speed readings, where and when you need them. Reads wind speed in miles/ hour, meters/second, and Beaufort. Readout dial is supported on sapphire jewel bearings and steadied by a rare earth magnetic dampening system. Rugged, high-impact plastic with corrosion-resistant components.

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Wind Scribe

Wind ScribeUltrasonic wind meter uses patented technology to read current wind speed, highest positive speed (headwind), lowest negative speed (tailwind), 5-second average, and running average. Select from mph, km/h, fpm, m/s, f/s, or knots, plus temperature and wind chill in tenths of °F or °C. Sensitive to breezes as low as 0.4 mph, yet withstands winds as high as 150 mph.

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