Wireless Leaf and Soil Moisture/Temperature Station

leaf soil moisture sensorSolar Powered station includes transmitter and backup battery inside weather-resistant shelter.

To view the data for up to eight stations, add an Envoy8x and WeatherLink. Vantage Pro2 console/receiver or Weather Envoy and WeatherLink can only receive data from either:


  • A single fully populated station with two leaf wetness sensors, four soil moisture sensors, and four temperature probes or.
  • Two partially populated stations, one with two leaf wetness sensors and two temperature probes, and the other with four soil moisture sensors and four temperature probes.

Available in two models. Choose the model without sensors, and add only those you need to meet your requirements. Or choose the Complete Sol Moisture/Temperature Station and add one or two leaf wetness sensors as desired. Compatible with the 6470 Stainless Steel Temperature Probe with Two-Wire Termination.


Description Part Code (McMurdo)
Wireless Leaf & Soil Moisture / Temperature Station Sensors sold separately 6345OV

Wireless Leaf & Soil Moisture / Temperature Station Complete (includes 4 each 6420, 6440 & 6470)