Weather Envoy

Weather Envoy, when used along with WeatherLink software, will collect and store the same data as a Vantage Pro2 console.

Connect it to your computer with hardware included with WeatherLink for easy and convenient downloading without a console/receiver. use WeatherLink's automatic download feature, or manually download to your computer at your convenience, then use the WeatherLink software to view current conditions, grpah and chart historical data, or even create your own weather web pages. (Also compatible with WeatherLink IP.)

Like the wireless Vantage Pro2 console, wireless Weather Envoy can listen to up to 8 transmitters. However, tha maximum number of each type of transmitter is limited. It can also retransmit data to the console, effectively extending your station's range.

Weather Envoy includes its own barometer and inside temperature and humidity sensors. You may connect an external temperature probe to replace the Envoy's internal temperature probe. Both the wireless and cabled versions include and AC-power adaptor. Either may also be run using one of our solar power kits. Thwe wireless model can also be run on three AA batteries. Expected battery life is 4-6 months depending on the logging interval. Batteries should also be added to the cabled model for backup during power outages. requires WeatherLink. Requires WeatherLink (any model)

Description Part Code (McMurdo)
Wireless Weather Envoy 6316UK
Wireless Weather Envoy with EU Power Adaptor 6316EU