WeatherLink for Alarm Output with Connector Block

WeatherLink alarm outputNow you can automatically turn heaters, fans, and other devices on or off using your weather station.

For each of 4 outputs you can enter up to 8 different weather parameters. Enter threshold values for each, select from 9 different test conditions, and link the entries together as you choose. For example, you could activate a fan to cool your house - but only if the difference between the inside and outside temperatures is more than 5 degrees, it's more than 24 degrees inside, and it's between 5pm and 6am. our connector block provides the interface between your weather station and an electrical device. For high-power devices you may also need to add electrical relays (not supplied by Davis). Connection to a PC is not required except for initial setup.



Description Part Code (McMurdo)
WeatherLink for Alarm Output with Connector Block, Serial Port Windows 6544